Saturday, March 15, 2014

HLSR....Spring Break 2014

Yesterday we ventured down to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with our good friend Jennifer and Kinley's BFF Kacie. Aunt "Tee Tee" got to come too....bonus! The girls had so so much fun seeing all the animals and riding the ponies. It was super duper crowded but I'm sure it always is. I think us adults were the most exhausted :) . I got the scare of my life as we were in line to ride ponies for a second round.....I literally turned to grab my wallet right before we were to walk in and ride the ponies and I looked back (literally 2 seconds) and Kinley was gone.....nowhere to be found. I panicked as I looked at the 5 million people at the carnival. Kristi immediately sprinted off screaming and Jennifer went the other way searching. Thankfully there are nice people that saw her and yelled that she was.......IN THE HORSE STABLE! Kristi got to her and she was standing directly behind a horse....again scary. Long story short she grabbed her and ran was all a total of about 2 min tops but it seemed much longer. So many things were learned in that short amount of time. I'm thankful I have a sister that can immediately waste no time and turn it into over drive to find my sweet girl. I do not care what people think, the next time we are to be in a crowd we will have a stroller and a back pack leash attached to her. All in all it was a great exhausting day.

Her favorite......cows!

Aunt Tee Tee is so much cream for everyone!

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